Dubai Exchange Program

Dubai Exchange Program in UAE, 2022 | Fully Funded Program

Postgraduate Scholarships


  • Application Deadline: 31st of August 2022
  • Provider: Dubai Business Associates
  • Study in: United Arab Emirates
  • Course Level: Short Courses , Training
  • Subjects: Subjects offered by the university
  • Funding Types: Fully Funded Scholarships
  • Nationality: International


The Dubai Exchange Program is operating under strict supervision. Dubai Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum has provided a fantastic opportunity for those interested in studying business in Dubai. Dubai is known as the “Global Hub.” As a result, many people come here to expand their businesses. Different academic courses make up the Dubai Associate program. The learning courses teach Associate knowledge and skills to help them advance in their careers.

The postings allow the contributors to engage in real-world employment while also benefiting the company. You can participate in the program with industry experts. They provide skill development courses and host various cultural events. They may have also allocated a carrier and a life coach during this program. Associates can become ambassadors for the program as their soft skills improve.

The Dubai Associate program is fully funded till 2022. As a result, the Dubai Associate program is the greatest approach to bring together the world’s most outstanding young people on a platform where they may grow into future global leaders. It is not enough to be talented; you must have put your talent and talents to the best use possible. The DAP offers Associates a means to grow in the world through project-based learning.

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Dubai Exchange Program


The Dubai Exchange Program offers a number of financial advantages.

  1. The DAP allows bright graduates from all around the world to work and study in Dubai.
  2. Dubai also offers airfare for trips.
  3. A monthly allowance is also available to participants.
  4. The program also includes medical insurance.
  5. The Host Organization will also provide complete hotel accommodations.
  6. You can learn soft and hard skills, consulting skills, and a lot of experience in just 9 months.


Applicants must meet all the following criteria to be considered for Dubai Exchange Program

  • The applicant must have recently graduated with at least three years of work experience 
  • All participants know English and at least one other language
  • A curious minded applicant will be appreciated 
  • Young people with zero to 3 years of experience can also be eligible
  • Applicant must have an interest in Dubai Business.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Here are the list of the required documents that are need to be submitted

  1. Bachelors degree 
  2. Cover letter/letter of interest 
  3. Your CV
  4. Content and presentation both are considered 
  5. Your video biography

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